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Event Period:2018/08/13 24:00 ~ 2018/08/26 0:00 (GMT + 8)


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Your rankings are based your overall earnings and total value your placed on predictions during this TI. Gain energy by placing items and P coin on predictions.

Challenger Ranking

Total value of predictions that have no less than 0.8 odds

Rankings User energy

No data available yet

  • Total prediction value reaches 200 k

  • Total prediction value reaches 400 k

  • Total prediction value reaches 600 k

Assist Ranking

Overall loss

Rankings User energy

No data available yet

  • Overall loss reaches 30 k

  • Overall loss reaches 50 k

  • Overall loss reaches 90 k



The amount of rebated Diamond will be updated at 6am SGT everyday

Rebated Diamond can be used to exchange for items in market directly.

When can I receive the Exp of prediction quests?

You may receive the exp when the game settles, note that the quest won't be marked as completed if you cancel your prediction.

How do I use the treasures I received?

Go to VP inventory-treasure and you can open all the treasures you received

How do you send out additional rewards

Our staff will send out rewards within 3 days after the end of the event and inform users through system message .

If you need help

Please contact our custermer service or join QQ group: 584919768, you can also leave a comment under our Facebook group:

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